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Coaching services for law firms that want to better support and extend exceptional and
unique benefits to their attorneys, thereby further strengthening their firm’s objectives.

Schedule an MCLE to Meet Ms. Southers

As a courtesy to any interested Law Firm, Ms. Southers is available for an interactive MCLE program suitable for the law firm and within the guidelines of its educational objectives. Her possible subjects include:

  • Time Management for Attorneys Who Have No Time
  • Ethical Social Networking within a Firm
  • Rainmaking for your Firm by Establishing a Niche
  • Five Greatest Challenges that Law Firms Face in the Twenty First Century
  • Insights into A Team Approach for Case Management
  • Five Most Important Rules for Managing Legal Support Staff
  • Developing Personal Systems for Getting to the Next Level in Your Career
  • Other Topics Upon Request

The cost of the actual program will be assumed by Ms. Southers. Travel over 50 miles from Ms. Southers’ office in California, will be reimbursed by the Law Firm. If overnight accommodations are necessary, this would also be reimbursed by the Law Firm. Other arrangements, such as a Webinar, can be made if these are not suitable.

Much of Ms. Southers teaching and coaching method is laid out in her book. The Law Firm can get a good idea about Ms. Southers’ knowledge and style from this book. It is available at the American Bar Association website.

The book is written as a self help book with exercises to complete to give the attorney an idea of what is missing or might be improved in their professional life. Then the attorney is taught how to figure out and prioritize his or her goals gathered from the information that they have discovered.

The second part of the book deals with what the future of the 21st century will hold for the attorney and how to best deal with that information in a career. All of this is done with solid guidelines and proven methods of success.

As said, much of Ms. Southers’ coaching is based on these premises presented in the book. However, having her for a coach solidifies and speeds the process. Additionally, Ms. Southers can explore the individual's needs in a confidential environment which will allow for the interaction required to fully actualize the person’s potential. This will serve the law firm by having an outstanding and highly efficient legal staff who will not only be able to support the law firm in its objectives, but contribute at a greater level.

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