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Coaching services for law firms that want to better support and extend exceptional and
unique benefits to their attorneys, thereby further strengthening their firm’s objectives.

Our Services

  • One-on-one coaching with firm’s attorneys who desire such services.
  • Careful listening and evaluating the attorney’s challenges.
  • With the attorney, creating a strategic plan which can be implemented by goal setting.
  • Teaching the attorney how to goal set and how to be accountable for results
For The FIRM:
  • Identify the firm's goals
  • Integrate those into the coaching when appropriate
  • Assisting the Firm, when requested, with HR, Staff problems, business development, and related specific concerns.
  • Practical Aspects of the Relationship
  • Firm normally would fund partial coaching fees up to a sum certain amount to be agreed upon. If this is not a suitable arrangement, other options are available.
  • Attorney would pay remainder of coaching fees directly to coach. If attorney wishes to further coaching when firm’s contribution has been reached, attorney will assume responsibility for that cost unless Firm has agreed to further coaching.
  • If firm is within a fifty mile radius of coach’s office, initial coaching can take place within the firm, so that the attorney’s time is respected. Later coaching can be by phone or skype, again so attorney’s travel time is respected.
  • Initial session is 2 hours, all other sessions are 1 hour with coach being available for emergencies and occasional short phone sessions. (Refer to coaching policies)
  • All coaching done for both the attorney and the firm is confidential. Nothing will be shared with either entity or anyone else without consent.

Group presentations are also available for the entire law firm (lawyers or staff).

As a courtesy to any interested Law Firm, Ms. Southers is available for an interactive MCLE program. To schedule an MCLE, call (310) 749-1944 for additional information.

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